#0 T face - Who's Next (Music Video) @tface0 @itspressplayuk
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  • mr unknown
    mr unknown

    Who else is on here cos of bbc?

  • 4mer thxt
    4mer thxt

    something of a breakbeat/grime thing to this beat no?

  • Jay B
    Jay B

    Croydon worst night mare

  • Nine North
    Nine North

    Why do Fieldway beef the whole of Croydon?

  • Mbeats 25
    Mbeats 25

    T face is hard but not feeling this

  • Team Swazz
    Team Swazz


  • king Tai
    king Tai

    Have you seen his face

  • Alvin B.Chipmunk
    Alvin B.Chipmunk

    Coldddd ‼️

  • Ren

    So much fire 🔥🔥

  • A Really Ashy African
    A Really Ashy African

    Ngl this needed a feature

  • Whitney Bobby
    Whitney Bobby

    Where’s the coat from???

  • CrescoSMG

    T is a G

  • Most Hated '
    Most Hated '

    who's that black ting though she's got that back still

  • Obaid Rehman
    Obaid Rehman

    MD is way better

  • zone2 step 17k
    zone2 step 17k

    Right left right left right left

  • Lord Bendtner
    Lord Bendtner

    FUCKING dead stop copying chicaho drill

  • Reverb Productions
    Reverb Productions


  • Makoto Naegi
    Makoto Naegi

    T face flow is unique 👏🏾not everyday drill

  • Lord Of Frogs Opps
    Lord Of Frogs Opps

    Da girl is a mad one but on my mums I fucking hate when yats wear masks and shit ffs dumb cattys

  • Tallerz

    fam anyone knows that old school track that the yute goes like meow meow had man cracking up

  • M1onTheBeat


  • Showkeys Smelly Ghanaian Uncle
    Showkeys Smelly Ghanaian Uncle

    Fuck 67, fuck 410, fuck Kuku, fuck HS, fuck 1011, fuck Zone 2, fuck VP, fuck Selly, Brandon, fuck Brandon, Fuck A-Town, fuck Brixton, fuck kennington, fuck 150, fuck Silwood, Fuck OC, fuck GAS, fuck 28s, fuck Peckham, fuck Bside, fuck Penge, fuck M20, Fuck 86, fuck Wood Green, fuck N9, fuck Edmonton, fuck Splash, fuck Django, fuck Addington, fuck Scatpack, Fuck Qwesta, fuck SG, fuck Talibandits, fuck 55, fuck Tface, fuck Da drive, fuck Scooby, fuck Drose, fuck Tim Westwood, fuck 47, fuck M Dog, fuck AD, fuck Grove park, fuck Downham fuck Junction, fuck 37, fuck Skengdo, fuck Tooting, fuck Brockley, fuck AM, fuck Mitcham, fuck black Prince, fuck 419, Fuck Streatham, fuck Tizzy T, fuck 814, fuck 417, fuck CS, fuck Kash, Fuck RV, fuck Headie, fuck Heath, fuck S block, fuck Palace, fuck block 12, fuck block 6, fuck CR0, fuck CR7, fuck Forest Hill, fuck Beckton, fuck Lil sykes, fuck Recky, fuck Dumpz, fuck A6, fuck Catford, fuck Scrams, fuck ScrewLoose, fuck Slimz, fuck fuck Acton, fuck Hackney, fuck Kingsmead, fuck Poky, Fuck N1fromda 9, fuck GP, fuck KayyKay, fuck NPK, Fuck OFB, fuck V1, fuck SNR, fuck 1011, fuck Perm, fuck Reeko, fuck Clapham, fuck TeamRaw, fuck LTH, fuck C1, fuck Reekz MB, fuck Trapz, fuck DSN, fuck Lil Mdot, fuck Swavey, fuck S, fuck Skully, Fuck Teddy, fuck Leyton, fuck Karma, fuck Gritty, fuck Mally, fuck Kennington, fuck Bush, fuck Tookie, fuck Ladbrooke Grove, fuck Somalin’s, fuck stickz, fuck perm, fuck chucky, fuck Kizz, fuck KK, fuck Russ, fuck Sav, fuck shallow, fuck Jboy, fuck Janna, fuck Tintla, fuck Syikes, fuck Croydon, fuck Fieldway, fuck Bromley, fuck St mary Cray, fuck Luton, fuck PS, fuck Limma, Fuck Taze, Fuck Ilford, Fuck BT, fuck Tiny Squeeze, Fuck CS, fuck Balham, Fuck Munch, Fuck IQ, fuck Lee Green, Rest in piss Showkey, Tbandz, Jetz, Mdot, Zac, Tuggzy and Skeng. Niggas know

    • Sian Jadeja
      Sian Jadeja

      Showkeys Smelly Ghanaian Uncle fam ur wet say dat to dere faces

    • Sian Jadeja
      Sian Jadeja

      Sulaiman Bangura truss

    • Sulaiman Bangura
      Sulaiman Bangura

      Showkeys Smelly Ghanaian Uncle ppl like u are sad

  • KF 24s
    KF 24s

    Real gs heard this way before on soundcloud big up #FF

  • Teddy

    T face the savage one will leave man all muddy

  • phantom page
    phantom page

    Her forehead be poppin

    • Dumb Cunt
      Dumb Cunt

      phantom page of all things to say you could of said. You choose some judging, hater shit. Your wet.

  • Ramzey TV
    Ramzey TV

    Is thay girl in 0

    • Ramzey TV
      Ramzey TV

      Take time24's B oh okay

    • Naelyn B
      Naelyn B

      #Ramzey 01 'who's next she like the way I Ostep' just a modelling ting she's not O

    • Ramzey TV
      Ramzey TV

      Take time24's B who is she them she just throw up an 0 and she always in the video

    • Naelyn B
      Naelyn B

      No she's not

  • Wise

    is this the tface that y.am talks about?

    • Jay My
      Jay My

      WiseHD it's not the same tface loool the one yams is on about is from bricky dis one is croydon

    • Wise

      is 410 and O linked?

  • Lord of frogs twissup brother
    Lord of frogs twissup brother

    Top 5 underated frogs in London: 1.) Lord of frogs frass cousin 2.) Lord of frogs frass cousins brother 3.) Lord of frogs bisexual uncle 4.) Nazi Frog 5.) President Frog or me

    • Kay

      Lord of frogs twissup brother omdz u faggot low lifes are still about on youtube lool fucking losers

    • Showkeys Smelly Ghanaian Uncle
      Showkeys Smelly Ghanaian Uncle

      no deya named after da orignal one not u you fraud

    • Lord of frogs frass cousin
      Lord of frogs frass cousin

      ur just salty u aint top lool

  • lord of gang frogs
    lord of gang frogs

    All you man moving like Gang Nerds knowing all the beef between every gang fam tf?

    • Bassy

      Most of them just repeating shit they heard from youts who actually live in these areas

    • Mohamed Mohamed
      Mohamed Mohamed

      lord of gang frogs thats what im wondering

  • Dee Locc’N
    Dee Locc’N


    • Sian Jadeja
      Sian Jadeja

      Dee Locc’N all I know is that its better than ur spelling

  • Joshua Adeola
    Joshua Adeola

    This song is gonna get rinsed ❄️❄️

  • Lord of frogs twissup brother
    Lord of frogs twissup brother

    None of dese yutes r serious cmon man said heath n croydon like 10 min bus ride ak nuff bodies shoulda dropped hella verbal n talkin' onda net, ofb beefing Moscow Tottenham to Peckham if dey can hold it down dey should

    • SN M
      SN M

      Uptop and 86 are a 30 second drive away from each other so 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • GeNiA a.
      GeNiA a.

      Lord of frogs twissup brother naa if u live in CR u would know this beef is acc active there's been bare bootings

    • Stylish ute
      Stylish ute

      More active than half these other foolish beefs sooo 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • S.L. L
      S.L. L

      450 bus

  • Lord of frogs frass cousin
    Lord of frogs frass cousin

    now 7's now deya fuckin wid kuku n tface is already fw 410 ones thats gonna be a madting for croydon getting deep in Lambeth beef

  • NB


  • Lord of frogs frass cousin
    Lord of frogs frass cousin

    Callzz 32 don't come n fuck dis up wid ur battyman self

    • DontWorry

      Lord of frogs frass cousin ur in love with that guy

  • B4 London
    B4 London

    Who is #O/Croydon beefing anyways?


      ThatCan'tRun all the crews in heath/the7 especially glane n maby 674

    • Tiger Minion
      Tiger Minion

      Unknown nigga 5555k lol a few 0 were in blackz x yamz tune

    • Zico 146
      Zico 146

      Unknown nigga 5555k 410 don't beef gipsy hill looool

    • Zico 146
      Zico 146

      Tiger Minion get it right they linked in music not in the streets

    • Tiger Minion
      Tiger Minion

      Lord of frogs frass cousin #0 has been beefing kuku n Harlem for a while cah they r linked with 410/c17

  • Lord of frogs frass cousin
    Lord of frogs frass cousin

    When girls do up gang can't rate dat bmt dutty still

    • Naelyn B
      Naelyn B

      Lord of frogs frass cousin who told u she's repping gang

  • B4 London
    B4 London


  • Roadman Shaq
    Roadman Shaq

    Tface got a unique style he can deffo blow

    • esco


    • Oboy

      T face got that special ting bout his flow he's either really shit or really ❄ like on war ready n trapspot

    • Roadman Shaq
      Roadman Shaq

      Stylish ute you will get use to him I use think he was shit but he got something bout him

    • JerseyLegened

      Roadman Shaq no 😂😂

    • Stylish ute
      Stylish ute

      Roadman Shaq no.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    This guy is actually different I like this

  • FF

    Aye Jb did another madness on the buttons FF to the world and back

  • james faruq
    james faruq

    #0 run croydon

    • Stylish ute
      Stylish ute

      james faruq they acc don't

  • S16


  • Floss Baba
    Floss Baba

    The 7 utes get pressured by this guy if u know u know

    • Gwopanese

      M your fried they were calm wid jets😂

    • Lord of frogs twissup brother
      Lord of frogs twissup brother

      None of dese yutes r serious cmon man said heath n croydon like 10 min bus ride ak nuff bodies shoulda dropped hella verbal n talkin' onda net, ofb beefing Moscow Tottenham to Peckham if dey can hold it down dey should

    • Floss Baba
      Floss Baba

      Anonymous yute what you talking about check the scoreboard and the #0 walk in g lane all the time check their snap

    • Gwopanese

      Floss Baba anyone can ride out 😂 but they cant step comfy in opp block like 7’s can

  • L’A StackMuni
    L’A StackMuni

    Whys he still reppin #0 bmt

  • Siyaam

    Is this tface from 410??

    • Lyric B
      Lyric B

      chills wid dem man doe, tune bangs hard anyways

    • Itz Omar
      Itz Omar

      Brudda Im Lowkey 😂😂😂😂der gems

    • Brudda Im Lowkey
      Brudda Im Lowkey

      your both tapped he aint 410 hes from Croydon CR0

  • Kodak Black
    Kodak Black



    Oi that's my girl!

    • EBK Music
      EBK Music

      Dat Way buss me send me her snap then

    • Azmuh

      Dat Way your dat same don that dissed skittles from gblock

  • Emmanuel Ikoro
    Emmanuel Ikoro


  • Alexis Ferguson
    Alexis Ferguson

    🔥❄️ 🎶 love it