20 Satisfying Skills We See in Football
20 Satisfying Skills We See in Football

Song: Ash O'Connor - You [NCS Release]

  • Sue-Ann Peters
    Sue-Ann Peters


  • Zuhaib Iqbal
    Zuhaib Iqbal

    This is too funny if u hate Tottenham essoft.info/hd/video/rWm5lMTVwZRfpJU

  • Anfa Haret
    Anfa Haret


  • noob-slayer1209


  • Comedy Tadka
    Comedy Tadka

    Ronaldo high Jump Goal essoft.info/hd/video/1qCtxrDFqNehjtA

  • Evarline Magoma
    Evarline Magoma

    Poa sana

  • 55 000 subscribers with 0 YouTube videos Challenge
    55 000 subscribers with 0 YouTube videos Challenge

    Does anyone know that the title is wrong it’s suppose to be soccer

  • 林嘉明

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  • Levi Tye-Young
    Levi Tye-Young

    Sick vid

  • Shafdil Salu
    Shafdil Salu

    Were king off skill neymar

  • Hassan Shahid
    Hassan Shahid

    Check this out Top 5 Bicycle Kick Goals ever essoft.info/hd/video/zaSSp7Or1Luhm7Y

  • Maja Balić
    Maja Balić


  • berhad w
    berhad w

    I like Messi

  • 500 Subscribers No Videos
    500 Subscribers No Videos

    RESPECT THE G.O.A.T.(greatest off alL tiMe) Question.He Is.....

  • JᴀcoB Hmar
    JᴀcoB Hmar

    Why there's no Neymar?

  • shrouk Alhady
    shrouk Alhady


  • শিমুল ফরিদ
    শিমুল ফরিদ


  • DREAM Football
    DREAM Football


  • Aymen Ahmed
    Aymen Ahmed

    اجمل لقطات كرة القدم الدور الانكليزي #الايطالي The most beautiful clips of the Italian League # Italian⚽️⚽️ essoft.info/hd/video/1HyVzNGil9eFqqo

  • Aymen Ahmed
    Aymen Ahmed

    اجمل لقطات كرة القدم الدور الانكليزي #الايطالي The most beautiful clips of the Italian League # Italian⚽️⚽️ essoft.info/hd/video/1HyVzNGil9eFqqo

  • Parental Advisory
    Parental Advisory

    Should’ve had the commentator and the crowds reactions instead of that music

  • Serdar

    Ricardo quaresma

  • Dominik Aleksić
    Dominik Aleksić

    Number 5 was Luka Modrić while playing for Dinamo Zagreb if you didn’t know

  • LaSport final shot
    LaSport final shot

    el fútbol es tu amor Soy de Rusia, tengo mi propio canal. Por favor califique)

  • Sister vs Brother
    Sister vs Brother

    4:07 player in white "WAIT FOR ME"

  • Sister vs Brother
    Sister vs Brother

    2:51 where the f* are you n**

  • Sister vs Brother
    Sister vs Brother

    1:39 messi i aint having no mercy, player "SPARE ME"

  • Movies Under The Surface
    Movies Under The Surface

    very creative video. nice. would have loved to see Lucas Moura's feint on it though, and Cryuff's first every Cryuff turn

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    I only came here for dele alli’s skill 😂

  • Timo Kluemper
    Timo Kluemper

    Eine Legende besagt Boateng sucht immer noch den Ball

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi

    3:58 Rabona + Elastico Lol

    • Roberto Cordone
      Roberto Cordone

      It's called Aurelio

  • Audrey McNamara
    Audrey McNamara

    1:45 wAStEd

  • Yohan OO15
    Yohan OO15

    Before the million view guys !!

  • i have a itchy nose
    i have a itchy nose

    Number 5 was Luka Modric I think

  • Ahnaf Fichry
    Ahnaf Fichry

    3:02 Skill:☑️ Shoot:❎

  • Rachel Mallinder
    Rachel Mallinder


  • D_modz 11
    D_modz 11

    Did anyone else notice Delles went out

  • Lena Gaming
    Lena Gaming

    Loveee FOOTBALL

  • Maytic Pizzle !
    Maytic Pizzle !


  • Julia B
    Julia B

    3:57 is the best

    • Xavier Starr
      Xavier Starr


  • kenzilly kemarkhan tech gamers
    kenzilly kemarkhan tech gamers

    The last skill was perfect

  • Cricket Star
    Cricket Star

    essoft.info/hd/video/mYanmszVk6JqipE Cristiano Ronaldo One Of The Greatest Younger Footballer

  • JaydenKR2007 _
    JaydenKR2007 _

    Dele Alli's skill wasn't even that impressive

  • akshay Krishnan
    akshay Krishnan

    I like number 20 skill

  • Amish Kumar
    Amish Kumar

    3:05 was the skill meant to be Iniesta’s finish 😂

    • Amish Kumar
      Amish Kumar

      Luka Kelava 😂 someone has a brain

    • Luka Kelava
      Luka Kelava

      @L C Z you got wooooshed idiot

    • L C Z
      L C Z

      Amish Kumar the turn 😤

  • Said Arsyid
    Said Arsyid

    Berbatov skill?

  • Nirmal Agarwala
    Nirmal Agarwala

    I'm pretty sure Jose Mourinho said something motivational to Dele. because Dele Ali has become INCREDIBLE since Mourinho arrived.

  • Benjo_ 1812
    Benjo_ 1812

    Costa was insane

  • Dario Vukojevic
    Dario Vukojevic


  • Jake Van der Putten
    Jake Van der Putten

    Sorry but sometimes the music is very annoying

  • TheGameTv TM
    TheGameTv TM

    1 like= un minuto di fortuna😢 Iscrizione 50 anni di fortuna🎉

  • Filip Vařák
    Filip Vařák

    1:49 the throw better

  • Globe Trotter
    Globe Trotter

    No. 14 that guy in blue quit football immediately after that humiliation


    What about this essoft.info/hd/video/j4K1kZXY3KyeodQ this skill

  • Kenber

    Amazing 😂 Subscribing back to anyone that subs to me

  • Chris Powell
    Chris Powell


  • Abdelrahman Akram
    Abdelrahman Akram

    11 luck😂😂

  • Charley Power
    Charley Power

    What’s the music called

  • peppe von Matterhorn
    peppe von Matterhorn

    my personal most satisfying skill is the sleeper touch by ronaldinho

    • Rubic Virus
      Rubic Virus


  • ッッXxxAggelolosxxXッ