THE BATMAN First Look Trailer (2021)
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First look teaser at the suit for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson

  • Zane West
    Zane West

    Sounds like darts Vader theme song

  • Ira Ira
    Ira Ira

    Edward ❤️ Cedric ❤️ Batman ❤️

  • kaiyuan yu
    kaiyuan yu

    bgm sounds like starwar

  • demonic _ Alastor _himself
    demonic _ Alastor _himself

    New batman movie news Thomas Wayne and Martha: GOD DAMM IT!!!

  • red_egale_29 bro
    red_egale_29 bro

    WHY THE FUCK IS A DAMM SKINNY EMO VAMPIRE PLAYING BATMAN NOOOOOO Also what's with the imperial March theme

  • Darien Woods
    Darien Woods

    No bat cycle I want batmobile

  • Silver Eagle Studios
    Silver Eagle Studios

    He kind of looks like Daredevil, not gonna lie.

  • Hariken Studios
    Hariken Studios

    Has anyone else noticed that this movie is coming out in 2021, and the monumental ending to the epic Dark Knight trilogy was in 2012? Wonder if that's a coincidence. Just hope this can live up to the legacy those films left behind.

  • Zubareus

    Star Wars Batman.

  • Davi Grabalos
    Davi Grabalos

    Imperial march cries

  • Peter Garcia
    Peter Garcia

    Thumbs Up if HISHE brought you here.

  • ChummyChutoy

    He better not kill

  • zgegg_tout_ court
    zgegg_tout_ court

    ptn mais starf le pire costume de batman mais petaaain

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith

    extremely skeptical, hope rob does a complete body transformation so we don't see twilight every time hes on screen

  • Justin Choi
    Justin Choi

    To be honest Robert is literally a more perfect role for Batman than Ben Affleck because Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy douche, in which he looks and would act like the part, while maintaining a kinda menacing look enough to apply for Batman too.

  • TE M
    TE M

    Does anyone hear Darth Vader in this ?????

  • MIA O
    MIA O

    Robert 😍

  • meliodas ira
    meliodas ira

    Alguém brasileiro vendo skks

  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet
    Fatih Sultan Mehmet

    Film ne zaman çıkar

  • Hector the molestor
    Hector the molestor

    after all the shit DC movies I am unable to feel hyped by this trailer hopefully this movie will convince me to trust again

  • kamila kamilka
    kamila kamilka

    ❤️❤️❤️ 🇵🇱

  • Yvd619

    I'm feeling I'm batman now


    The recolored trailer looks better.


    Man of Steel: A good Superman movie with a questionable ending. BvS: Unnecessary movie especially so early on in the franchise. Suicide Squad: Just a bad movie. Wonder Woman: A really good movie. Justice League: Again an unnecessary movie made too early in the franchise. Aquaman: A good movie but not as good as WW Shazam!: Best DCEU movie so far in my opinion. Birds of Prey: Haven't watched it yet but I am told it is good movie. Now we wait for WW 1984 and this.

  • androssteague

    Why can They never get the ears right? It looks so wonky. The chest looks great.

  • nero.

    really looking forward to this, pattinson (patterson? idk) is a great actor and it seems like they got the tone down. though i will say, i miss batfleck. he was great in bvs, despite the film's lack of quality.

  • satoshi muny
    satoshi muny

    Because I'm batman. Because I'm batman. Because I'm batman.

  • Walter Dayrit
    Walter Dayrit

    Music lyrics: "Because I'm Batman, because I'm Batman, because im Batman....."

  • Caleb Lalramenga
    Caleb Lalramenga

    Michael Giacchino is a great music composer but I don't think The Dark Knight score can be surpassed

  • Thao Dynasty
    Thao Dynasty

    Why does this sound like the imperial march

  • foldabotZ

    Because I'm Batman, because I'm Batman Mysterious video, because I'm Batman

  • Mahela Munasinghe
    Mahela Munasinghe

    Yes... Go ahead. Build up the hype with trailers of trailers of trailers. (Batman doesn't even look that good tbh)

  • RamboNambo (aka Sorpresa)
    RamboNambo (aka Sorpresa)

    This is giving me a feeling for Gotham City, idk how to explain it. It just feels right.

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour

    Get ready for "40 things you missed during this trailer" by MoJo

  • Michaela Cummings
    Michaela Cummings

    Uhh... was that it!?

  • David the white ball
    David the white ball

    Bruce's parents better be stabbed in front of him

  • spitzmachine

    Would be cool if this Batman transforms into owl man. You know, something different.

  • Qunairk22

    Thats star wars theme


    Tan-tan-tan Tan-tan-tan Because I am Batman! Because I am Batman! Mysterious video! Because I am Batman!

  • Dvvdvdhf FJfkkf
    Dvvdvdhf FJfkkf

    0:45 OH MY FUCKINGG GODDD A new Daredevils movieeee

  • PhaseSkater

    will hans do the music?

  • Israel Rebolledo
    Israel Rebolledo

    Los intervalos musicales son los mismos de Marcha Imperial, y la estetica del video sabe mucho tambien a la imagen de Darth Vadder

  • leww1982

    Why this music sounds like Star Wars???

  • M Pep
    M Pep

    Buttman :v

  • Marcello Govone
    Marcello Govone

    What happend to the cape? You finished the money?

  • Jawad Sharif
    Jawad Sharif

    Rumour has it he wasnt wearing anything below😜

  • Matteo Salas
    Matteo Salas

    Malisimo, no se si es batman o daredevil, aparte que que atrocidad hicieron con el emblema de batman que eso parece cualquier cosa menos un murcielago. Dudo que pueda superar al batan de Cristhian Bale y Cristhoper Nolan.



  • Stijn de Koning
    Stijn de Koning

    first look at like the beginning of 2020 seriously xD youre killing me here

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqm

    Pattinson as batman: “WHY U DO DIS TO US DC?!” Trailer with that jawline: “You have my attention.”

  • didi panji maulana
    didi panji maulana

    this is horrible

  • Rocco Trojan
    Rocco Trojan

    oh shit cedric diggory's gonna watch his parents die now

  • Murat Kazdal
    Murat Kazdal

    Film isint even out yet and most of you already crap on it wtf lol watch befor you shit on it

    • drttyu liqm
      drttyu liqm

      You fucking asshole.

  • Lad13

    This trailer screams when Pointdexter from Netflix’s Daredevil series said “ I am Daredevil “ lol

  • Mikas Mackevičius
    Mikas Mackevičius

    I always wanted a Classic Batman movie

  • 5am coatz
    5am coatz

    Thomas Wayne grabs director '"You won't let us live, you won"t let us die""

  • Blu Trinacria
    Blu Trinacria

    ♏Perfect ♒Yes

  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle

    Music is kind of gay, but suit is not

  • TheInvisibleBoy

    Thats pathetic

  • Gigantus Cockileus
    Gigantus Cockileus

    Is it just me or the music genuinely sounds like imperial March